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As a lifelong learner, I have been in college for the past six years. I am currently working on my graduate degree, which means that every summer I end up heading home to do research in a lab there. Unfortunately, all of this continued education comes with a price--I don't have a house of my own. As a renter, I rely heavily on storage to keep my belongings safe while I move to and from my parent's place. This blog is all about storing successfully each and every time, so that you don't wind up paying to replace things that you wish you could have kept.


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Need To Clean Out A Hoarder's House? Hire A Moving Company To Make The Process Easier

Losing a parent who was a hoarder adds to the difficulty of knowing what to do with their belongings because there is so much stuff left behind when they pass. Packing up a home that is crammed full of stuff will be very difficult for you to do on your own. It is best to hire a moving company to help you clean out the house, pack up any salvageable items, and transport the belongings where they need to go. The following guide walks you through the process for cleaning out the home of a hoarder who has recently passed away.

Rent a Dumpster

The first thing you need to do is rent a dumpster for all of the trashed to be placed in as it is removed from the home. There are dumpsters of varying sizes available for rent to ensure that you are able to rent the right size dumpster to suit your needs.

Empty the House

Next, you need to empty the house of everything that is inside of it. Have the movers pack up anything that is obviously trash, such as empty containers, balled up newspaper, or rotten food as they remove items from the home. This will cut down on the time it takes to sort through the items when they get outside of the home.

Sort the Items

When the items get outside, you need to sort them into different piles so that the movers can know what you want to do with them. There will more than likely be some items that will have sentimental value to you. Use signs to label the different piles that you create so that no one gets confused as to where the belongings need to go. You can donate and sell any items you do not want to keep.

Transport the Items

Have the moving company pack up any items you want to donate or sell in boxes. Be sure to label all of the boxes that are filled with things you want to sell so that you can easily identify them when you go to sell the items. Next, have the items transported by the moving company to wherever they are supposed to go. Donations can be taken to a thrift store and the items you want to sell can be transported to your home or to a storage facility where they can be stored until you find someone to buy them.

Cleaning out a hoarder's home will often take a few days. You will be paying for the movers time on an hourly basis so you need to be sure you work diligently so that you can get as most as you can out of your investment.  

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