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As a lifelong learner, I have been in college for the past six years. I am currently working on my graduate degree, which means that every summer I end up heading home to do research in a lab there. Unfortunately, all of this continued education comes with a price--I don't have a house of my own. As a renter, I rely heavily on storage to keep my belongings safe while I move to and from my parent's place. This blog is all about storing successfully each and every time, so that you don't wind up paying to replace things that you wish you could have kept.


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Inter-State, Intrastate, And In-State Moving Companies: Sorting Through The Confusion To Understand What Services Are Provided

When you are looking for a moving company that will move you within the state you currently reside, you might run into confusion over the wording in the advertising of various moving companies. In fact, many moving companies might have their ad wording confused as well, and they may not even know it! Subtle spelling differences and definitions of similar words leads to this confusion for company owners and customers alike. Here are the differences and meanings of commonly confused words as they relate to moving.

Interstate Moving Companies

Interstate means "between two or more states." You want this type of mover to provide moving services that will carry your belongings out of the state in which you currently reside and into the next state where you will live next. These companies typically handle cross-country moves as well, since it still falls under the interstate definition for moving. 

Intrastate and In-State Moving Companies (Really the Same Thing)

In-state moving companies should be exactly what they say they are--companies that move your stuff within the same state. It is very unusual for any moving company to advertise that they are an in-state mover but do not actually move people's things around that state. On rare occasions, the mover means that they'll move people's property into and around another state, but that the company operates outside of that state's lines. This service can get confused with interstate moving, so be sure to clarify with the moving company exactly what kinds of moving services it provides to prevent any misunderstandings.

Intrastate is just a fancier way of stating that a moving company will move your things within the same state. They may move only short distances (less than one hundred miles in any direction), or they may move all over the state with no mileage restrictions. 

Companies That Do All Kinds of Moves, No Matter What

If you just want to bypass all of this confusion and misuse of terminology in advertising, hire a moving company that offers all of the above, including international moves. It will save you some time and a lot of personal energy in the process. It also removes all of the guesswork you might otherwise have about these different kinds of moves offered by moving companies.

Contact a moving company near you for more information about the different services they might provide and which would work best for you.