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Storing Successfully Each Time

As a lifelong learner, I have been in college for the past six years. I am currently working on my graduate degree, which means that every summer I end up heading home to do research in a lab there. Unfortunately, all of this continued education comes with a price--I don't have a house of my own. As a renter, I rely heavily on storage to keep my belongings safe while I move to and from my parent's place. This blog is all about storing successfully each and every time, so that you don't wind up paying to replace things that you wish you could have kept.


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Top 3 Tips For A Less Stressful Moving Day

Are you getting ready to move to a new home across town? Are you struggling with making plans for your rapidly-approaching moving day? No matter how much you prepare, moving day can still seem like a tricky challenge. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure everything runs smoothly for yourself and for your family. Here are some tips to help make sure that your moving day goes as smoothly as possible:

Stop buying groceries: Canned goods are heavy to transport, while other food items, such as flour or oatmeal, can be extremely messy. Depending on how much food is in your cupboards and your refrigerator, stop buying groceries at least one to two weeks before your move date. Try to make meals out of what you have on hand, instead of buying anything new. This may result in a few somewhat strange meals, such as having meatballs and french fries, but it will help deplete your stock of food items. The less food that you have on hand, the quicker your local moving services employees can get you to your new house.

Send your children somewhere else: Children, especially small children, can easily get underfoot without meaning to. Moving day is a very exciting time and they'll try to help or they may run back and forth between different rooms to see what's going on. Since it would be dangerous for both your child and any movers if they were to trip over your child, it's best to send your child somewhere else before the local moving services show up. If you're married, have your spouse take your children to a restaurant, the zoo, or even just the library. This will make it a fun time for your children and you won't have to worry about them becoming injured or lost during the moving process.

Important things in clear tubs: Even if you're planning to hire the local moving services to pack up your belongings, it's best to have at least a few things packed before they arrive. Clear plastic tubs or totes are a great way to be able to keep track of the contents without needing to open the container all of the time. If you have prescription medicine, put that in a tote. Important paperwork, such as the new lease, should also go in the tote. Because moving can make you too tired to go searching for specific belongings, you may also want to consider putting a single saucepan and a frying pan into the tote. This way you'll be able to cook at least simple meals, even if your kitchenware accidentally winds up being buried under a bunch of other boxes.