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Storing Successfully Each Time

As a lifelong learner, I have been in college for the past six years. I am currently working on my graduate degree, which means that every summer I end up heading home to do research in a lab there. Unfortunately, all of this continued education comes with a price--I don't have a house of my own. As a renter, I rely heavily on storage to keep my belongings safe while I move to and from my parent's place. This blog is all about storing successfully each and every time, so that you don't wind up paying to replace things that you wish you could have kept.


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Moving To A Rental While Looking For A Home To Buy? 3 Things To Minimize Future Moving Costs

After visiting a city numerous times and falling in love with everything it has to offer, you may know that you want to buy a property there in the future. But, making this purchase without actually living in the city can have you running into a major problem as you will have to travel just to look at properties. It is better when you can take as much time as you need with looking at houses and only making offers on ones that you love. So, you should move to the new city to rent while also looking for a home to buy. Since it is easy for moving costs to add up, especially if you do not pay attention to the moving details, you should consider the ways that you can minimize future moving costs from the rental to your new home.

Choose an Accessible Location

Whether you are going to move into an apartment or single-family home for the time being, you want to make sure it is in an accessible location. If the movers have to go up and down a staircase and walk down a long hallway to get to your apartment unit, they will have to charge you more money for the move. In a single-family home, if the driveway is not large enough to fit a sizeable moving truck, they could have to park on the street, which will naturally lead to higher costs as they will have additional walking to do. Ideally, you should look for a temporary rental that is easy to access both in walking and driving.

Be Strategic About Storage Units

If you plan on putting some items in storage until you buy a home that can accommodate everything, you do not want to pick the location without putting much thought into the process. The most strategic location is somewhere between where you end up renting and where you want to buy a home. It is helpful to know which neighborhoods you are most interested in as this will make this decision a possibility. If you are still unsure, you can just find a facility close to where your rental is located. This will minimize the distance that professional movers will need to travel to pick up everything you have to relocate.

Prioritize Buying During Wintertime

Whether you plan on signing a 6-month lease, 12-month lease, or just going month to month, you should make it so that you start looking at homes towards the end of fall or early winter. This season is when housing prices fall and competition drops to a minimum because people are not moving as much. This also means that movers are not as busy, so you can get prime scheduling and reduced rates.

Using these tips will help you save when moving from your rental to the new home that you buy. For more information, contact local professionals like Two Guys Moving.